Advanced Indexing status reporting feature for Webmaster Tools

As we all know that at present Google is the largest search engine in the world. Now all bloggers have only one concern in their heads and that is "Is google indexing my site?". That is understandable since most of their website traffic comes from google. So being un-indexed by Google will have a huge effect on your pageviews and traffic. To put some of the concerns regarding indexing, Google has introduced a new Index Status feature in Google Web Master Tools. This feature will let webmasters know how many of their pages have been indexed, crawled and so on!

To find this information :-

1.Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account.
2.On the home page, click on the site for which you want to see the indext report.
3.Then click on the health option on the left side of your dashboard, and select Index Status from the avaiable option.
4.Then, you will notice two tabs,Basic and Advaced.

Basic Tab :- The basic tab shows a graph which tells you the number of pages of your site have been indexed over time. It displays up to one year of stats (data). Then legend will let you know number of pages that are currently being indexed. Google says that this information is accurate doesn't include non-canonical URL's so, if there are more than one URL's pointing to the same content or if there is any duplicate content present, then it will just be counted as one page (instead of multiple pages.)

Google also admitts that this data lags by around one week. Is the graph is steadily growing up there is nothing to worry about cause it means that your new content is being recognized by google and if the graph remains constant or falls down inspite of yout addition of new content, then you might want to look into the advaced tab.

Advanced Tab:- This tab gives more insights into how Google has been treating your website. In addition to the graph, you can see the 1. Ever crawled 2. Not Selected 3. Blocked by Robot graphs

Usefulness of this Data :-

Thinking about the usefulness of this data, right? Here I go. This data could be useful for debugging purposes to see whats wrong with your content (website) and why you are not getting any traffic and views. An increase in the number of Total Indexed and Ever Craled pages means that your site is on the right track and Google can access your content.

On the other hand, if there's a sudden drop, it means that Google having trouble reaching your website. It could be because your webserver is down or you might have added a sitewide 'no index' tag instead of adding it one just one page. A large no. of not indexed means there are problems with canonicalization or there's a lot of duplicate content on your site. This means that you must make efforts to reduce the duplicate content on your site and even non-canonical URL's.