How to Create Successful Youtube Channel step by step

How to Create Successful Youtube Channel step by step

A tremendous amount of traffic that flows through internet every year is by users watching Youtube videos. Youtube has led to an enormous success for many people, especially singers. Many of the bloggers have also managed to harness the power of Youtube adding video content to their posts. This gives the readers a fresh way to view the blog and in turn attracts the traffic directly form Youtube.
So you are thinking of starting a youtube channel of your own soon. The following steps will help you to stay on the right path that will lef you to success.

1. The Vision

So What is your channel (my channel is siriplaza) ygoing to be about? There are so many channels on the subject you have in head, though your subject is unique. Thinks of an uniqque angle, a unique twists that will make your channel different and offer something more unique to viewers. Well, before starting take a moment to figur out if you will need to step up your editing software or buy a new camera. Another important question to ask yourself is, "How often will I be uploading videos?" Set realistic goals based on your lifestyle.

2. Picking a Name

Before you start working, take a look about top featured videos and skim through the usernames. Some are long,some are short, some are generic, some are catchy and memorable. Think about your channel, the direction it may be lead in the future and write down names that are short and sweet that suits your channel the most. Then seek out other's opinion on which username you should use. Ask your friends, family or take to message boards a chatrooms for more opinions to help you decide.

3. Perfecting your Appearance

What's the way you want your audience to view your channel and your videos? What flare, style or uniqueness would you like to come across in your videos, or will they be any at all? Sometimes it's best to let more skilled individuals handle the more involved editing tasks. Youtube channel background is also seen by users from time to time. The background area should reflect the content you are providing. Your avatar can reflect your username and be branded with a logo that you might use in your videos.

4. Marketing your channel

Once you have your channel setup and a few videos for users to watch, bring awareness about your channel and videos is should be top priority. Marketing is all about presenting your content to as many people as possible while targetting those who you know might be interested. You must have to create a Fb fan page and Twitter profile. These two social networking sites will allow users not on Youtube to be exposed to your channel. Do not hesitate to interact with users on FB and Twitter in order to gain fans and followers.

The above can also be done in youtube. Find channels and Videos that are in the same genre as yours or find videos that you know its viewers might have an interested in videos. Subscribe to those channels, comment on those video. Let others know about your channel. By the way you comment that you know what you are talking about. A sneaky trick is to leave a comment which attracts people. This will expose more users to your comment and to same extent your channel. Excessive commenting or coments that say "check out my channel" will get marked as spam and could lead to you channel being suspended.

5. Consistency

Take time to know you will have available. If you have all the time in the world, make a video 5 times a week, if you don't, find out how much time you can set aside each day of week to put towards your channel.Slowly your viewers and subscribers will slowly begin to trust and view your channel. Subscribers will expect to get entertained or to get educated by your videos.

It is important to stay consistent and put out videos at the same time each week. Never let your channel, your videos comments, your twitter and FB fan page stand still. Continue to put in a little time for each component regularly. Make small achievable goals as you pass one. Stay focused and be persistent and success, it just comes.