Difference between 3g and 4g

Difference between 3-G and 4-G (Smart Phone speed details)

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Hey,are u going to buy a new smart phone,then i must say that you are in confusion to select to buy 3 G phone or 4 G phone feature .This article is about the difference between this two networks and why select the particular network for users. Read on.

3G & 4G : Both are wireless internet technologies that serves the same purpose, but are different in certain things. 3 G and 4 G are the most commonly heard words when coming to the topic of buying sim or Phones.Both the terms are the technically simplified words used to differentiate the groups of Wireless Internet standards.This article is about the simple differences between them for general users.

3G (Sim and the Smart phone Details)

3G Sims & 3G Smarkt Phones
3 G is the shortened technical word for "3rd Generation(G)".It does not have any complicative meaning. This simple feature is all about  providing the  high speed Data service to smart mobile phones. This means it gives / provided fast access to Internet than the regular sim cards in case of 3 G Sims (with a 3-G enabled Smart Phone).

 3G Speed

 Third Generation mobile networks or simply 3G Speed Smart Phones and Sims came to the US in 2003 with minimum speed of internet with 144 kbps. Actually, this network is supposed to achieve Mobile Broad band. Now a days, this connection can give you Internet speeds anywhere from 400 kbps or even more than that.So, this network Smart Phones made phones truly feasible. This at first really changed the way of millions of users communication mode.

4G (Sim and the Smart Phone Detials)

4G Sims & 4G Smart Phones
As going on searches, technology results daily in new inventions, which lead to the new extension to older technology. 4-G is the shortened technical word for "4th Generation (G)". It's the most popularized growing band for new network technology users due to it's speed.This is all about providing the  network technical services faster than the 3-g( previous generation technology). This may require 4-G sim with those which have enabled smart phones.

4-G Speed

The new technology invention never stops at a point, it always comes up with new trend and feature, like this, 4 G is the new advanced technical feature of 3G that has more accessibility than previous.This is superb for Internet searchers as it is faster than the earlier.

3-G vs 4-G-Which is better

To select which network really depends on you and usability Now, 3 G speeds have also grown upto 10Mbps,this really speed upto  the speed of many home ADSL & WiFi connections. Some of the present phones do not yet updates to 4 G, coming up phones are almost with new technology support. Coming to the 4G selection , it too depends on your Internet usage. If you are less connected to Internet and not using much  all other internet applications, it's ok to use the 3-G network speed, and if you are like a person always keeps his head in the phone now and then to search and browse something new,uploading videos,net surfing etc, then you might may go to 4-G option.

Difference between 3-G & 4-G

There is no cost difference between both the new and the old technology plans (however there may be slightly variable according to your plans) since both the 3g networks and 4g networks are now a days covered under the same data plan.The cost may vary high for 4G when you have network providers from the famous MVN) sometimes, but not always.Some of the people prefer 3G network because the smart phones released upto now may don't have the latest generation connectivity. The other difference between both the network is about the fastness of internet accessing, as I already described above, 3G is OK to be used now as it is not slow now a days and had speed up to the speed of 10kbps for general WiFi connection also, but if you are really a browser lover,you always search this and that on net,download you tube videos, upload any image or video ,(need fast access to network)then you can opt for 4G network.The thing that makes people to still select the previous network over new network is the coverage area. 4G networks covers the  smaller area than the 3G and 4G sometimes faces the technological problems.

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Main Difference between this two networks in simple words: If you feel the above technical differences confusing, the simple difference that might be useful to you is to know is that : 3g and 4g difference in the accessing speed of Internet.At present and upto now, the smart phone 's are almost with 3g connectivity, but the upcoming phone's would be including 4g technology.

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