Advantages and Benefits of Aadhaar Card

Benefits of Aadhaar Card

About 19 crore people enrolled for Aadhaar Number and got it but the enrollments are still coming. Aadhaar is just a 12 digit unique number and you all know this. Many of you don't properly know about the benefits, uses and advantages of Aadhaar. So, the following briefly describes about the uses of Aadhaar in three different fields viz., Rural, Urban and Government.

How to Download Aadhar card

Rural People :
Aadhaar will be and is being used in some areas for transferring the welfare payments and wages for laborers and workers in rural areas. This increases the efficiency and decreases corruption and delay. People and workers will receive their wages directly in their account. Money for subsidies, Indira Awas Youjana, Scholarships will be sent directly to the accounts. This process has started in states like Jharkhand. 

Urban People :
Aadhaar Card's uses are not only restricted to the rural people but also extended to the urban people. Aadhaar Card can be used as KYC (Know Your Customer) for Buying Vehicles, LPG Connections, Mutual Fund Schemes. This is put into work in many cities like Pune, Mysore, Hyderabad etc. Aadhaar will help efficient and undelayed transfer of the PDS funds (Public Distribution Systems).

Government :
Government has started using Aadhaar Number in every possible way for welfare of people, to minimize corruption and for the efficient implementation of welfare programs.