Change Max results of Blogger Label or Tag

Hi Guys some of you are maybe opend by 20 max Results When you Click your own Label or Tag of Blogger, and it make your page are your blog very long to the bottom. Blogger set it Defaultly to 20 and it may be slow your site 20 posts in same time. How to Change it..? Ihave Face this problem and Search in Google about this problem I got Solution On this . That I will Share with u ... I Think this Solution is Solved ur Problem also...

Ok Now Follow these Steps.

First Login your Blogger

And Get to Dashboard and Click ' Latout' of Blog Whitch you Wish to Changing its Max results Now, go to ' Eit HTML' and Tick Expand Widget Templates (Note: First Download your Template if any thing Wrong insert Ur Template is Safe )

Now Search This code


Replace all This Code data:label.url with data:label.url + "?max-results=3"

The '3' in This Code Above means That a page will show 3 posts ( On each) Page. you may change That number you Want. But We recommend to Make the Posts Same as how many the first page of your Blog Show the post. And lower is Better.

Got it? Now Save the layout and enjoy.

Here is Video Tutorial

Your Blog will not ever has long page again.

Ok I think This is usefull tricks of you, if use Say Thanks....