How to Find Who Unfriend you on Facebook

How to Find Out Someone Unfriend you in Facebook

Generally, Facebook won't notify you when people unfriend or remove you from their friend list. Suppose you have 425 friends on Facebook yesterday but today number decreases to 421. How do you find the names of those four peoples who decided to unfriend you on Facebook. So a free web app which will notify you when someone unfriend or remove you from their friend list is a solution of this problem. Formy Browser can help you to reveal the names of your ex-friend. But the services offered by this site are not free, you can use that services for a short period only. So lets adopt another method.

There is free Firefox Add-ons called Formy Browser which will help you to find the names of your ex-friends.

Features Of Unfriend Finder:

  • Easily integrate with your Facebook account.
  • Create a separate icon in menu bar which shows how many friend unfriend you from their friend's list.
  • You will get immediately notified when anyone unfriend you.
  • Find out who did not accept your friend request or who ignored your friend request.

    How to Install Unfriend Finder On Facebook:

    1. Unfriend Finder compatible only with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
    2. Add the   Formy browser Add on Links provided below..
    3. Follow the instruction on the "download" page.
    4. Find your ex-friends and enjoy.
You Can find the Chrome Browser Version Here,or Firefox version Here.

Note: All downloading and installing steps are on the official page of this app. But if any one of you are unable to perform the task then comments are always open for that.