Gmail UNDO SendOption-How to unsend email-undo send mail feature

Hey has come up with the new UNDO GMAIL feature for UNSEND EMAIL facility....isn't it a superb option for us...yes,it is.Many of use regret when we send email to some one else instead of the one's we are intended to or we type some thing else instead of the matter we want by mistake...and if it is in case of a Business are over,you can't do anything but being sorry. To take out this stage of the users, Gmail has come with new feature option UNSEND.. This option would enable us to stop a email from being sent upto certain time limit. You can set the Gmail UNDO option by some simple steps. Here we have provided the details regarding UNSEND option of the gmail to undo any sent emails.Go through the details..

Gmail UNDO SEND Feature-UNSEND EMAIL option

This new UNDO option is all about un-sending an mail that you feel regret to send. "undo" option does not automatically upgrade to your mail settings, you have to manually update it.This feature helps us by making the mail to wait for a certain time limit (particular seconds of time you gona fix in the setting of Undo unsend option). 

Undo option for unsending email:

Oh Shitt...! What i did ..! God how could i do such silly typing mistake...! How great if i could immediately stop this mail from being sent to my Boss..!...
Has this expressions ever came from you,,,just because you just sent a mail without rechecking it. I got this expressions many times, since,i always have no time to recheck a mail and i just send it and feel sorry within seconds when i see the confirmation mail.But Gmail helped us out from this expressions... through Undo for Un Sending an Email .

I didn't mean that we can get that mails back from the others inbox, but we will be given a certain time(in seconds) to think before sending the mail ..if you want to stop that , we can simply Unsend Email through Gmail Undo Option.
I personally suggest you to surely get this Undo option to be set into you gmail settings, because this option will give the chance to stop sending an email if you don't want. 


Un Sending an email does not mean that this Undo feature will pluck an email from a user's inbox if you encounter regret. It gives an afford time to confirm you mail to send.Let me clear you one thing that , Undo Send Gmail Option won't help you if you felt regret for the mail you send in the morning, it's only for seconds matter to rescue it from being send to the others inbox.

Undo Send feature of the Google Gmail Option does not upgrade it's self in the Gmail settings, one should manually set the Undo Send option in the settings.

You can set the Undo Send an Email option for time of 5 seconds, 10 or 20 or 30 seconds. I have set it to 30 seconds in my Mail settings, it's more than enough to re-think of Un Sending an Email.

How to unsend email has been defined by the Google authority researchers for the one who really have serious business works through Mail exhanges. Undo Send has finally been available for the users now to be seted.

How does UNDO works for Unsending email:

As the name itself reveals, Undo Send option gives you setting to set period of time after dispatching an email to change your mind  to un send it. Once you have click on "Send" an email, you will see an option to reverse it the Scree for time period of 5 seconds or 30 seconds(the one you will chose in the settings),.

Undo Send Email Option-How to stop email sentHow to Set Gmail's Undo Send Feature:

  • First of all, Login to you Gmail Account
  • Go to the SETTINGS option (upper right corner) and Click on it( shown in first image with red link)
  • In the next page, select Labs tab ( near the end of the list of tabls shown red mark in second image) and click on it

  • Scroll down to the end of the page
  • Search for the Undo Send option at the end of the list on the right of the brief information box with two bubble boxes, click(Check) the Enable bubble and then Click on Save Changes button at the last of the page.
  • Generally, the Undo Send time is 10 seconds, however you can set it to 5 seconds , or 20 or 30 seconds.For this you have to go to "Settings" , "General" tab and search for the "Undo Send" option and set the Time at "Send Cancellation Period" under the drop down menu box

Test of Undo sending a mail:

There many be some technical network issues some times that cancel the settings you do it, it's better you check the option activation on you Mail settings. Send a mail to your self and check if the following message is displayed or not

" Your Message has been sent. UNDO  View Message"

If the above message is displayed, you can click on UNDO option and cancel the mail simply.

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