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Simple ways of Improving English Speaking Skills
English is a vast language that's really impossible to learn within few days...but the way we chose to learn really effects the time we take to learn speaking English. Now a days English has became mode of communication all over the county.If a person knows English and can communicate very well in English can easily live in any corner of the world.But the problem is that it's little bit tricky and hard to learn English. As you know where there is a will there is a way.......... If you really wanna learn English... Here i am to help you in my way....English Speaking skills will be improved on the basis of four sectors i.e Speaking ,Writing,Learning and Listening.

Listening and Learning:

Before i tell you some secretes of easy ways of learning English,I want you to answer my simple questions...

Do you watch English Channels...
Do you try to read English Newspapers..
Had u ever tried to write a short essay in English..
Do you you carry English short stories books instead of Telugu Maxine
If you haven't tried any of this,don't worry.Start now...Its better to start late than never..

News Channels::

English news channels,english cartoon channels like POGO will really help you to increase your speaking skills...Our Indian production Cartoon channels will really help you to succeed in this because the artist voice in those cartoon characters are almost our Indians. That language is very easy to be understood as they talk clearly and neatly unless English production.

English Paper

English Newspapers are now available everywhere in India and that too at little price,so i suggest you to read English Newspaper that may be little bit difficult for you but you continue reading it gonna really improve your knowledge of English. IF you come across any difficult word use a dictionary to find out the meaning. In this way you come across many new words daily and will be able to understand the complex sentences too...

Interesting Way to learn English:

If you feel discomfort and bored of those hard ways of learning, try to read english Story books.. that will be both interesting and useful to you to learn English....Story reading will improve your both reading and understanding capacity. If you find any sentence difficult and complex,find the meaning of those hard words and mark them and make a list of those words...Trust me,when you will come across those words again you won't feel them as hard and you will understand such words usage easily...

Reading and Writing::

Writing own Story/Essay::

Preparing Short stories by your own is one the ways to improve your English Skills...When you will try to prepare an essay of your own, you will try to put thoughts on the paper i.e you are trying to speak in mind  about a topic or a story. Try to prepare an essay and read it yourself..

If you are having the problem of pronunciation, then try to speak such words.Try to spell such words in a correct form. For Example...if you feel any word difficult to be spelled, then try to say it again and again.If you watch any English channel you will come across many new words,at that time try to learn pronouncing that words. Slowly you will be able to pronounce that perfectly.

Mirror Speaking::

Some people have the fear of speaking loudly and confidently. If you belong to such category, try to talk with yourself by standing infront of the mirror. Stand infront of a mirror and introduce yourselt and then tell something about you and your studies and so on... This process will increase your confidence and speaking skill..

Thinking ::..

When you think of any topic try to build your own sentence in English..This will really enhance you sentence forming capability.If you are planning how to spend your weekend,try to think it in English.
              If you are a house wife and making a notes of your monthly expenditure try to prepare it in english..When you go to malls and shopping centres try to speak with the sales girls and boys in English...etc..

Grammar ::

When you are all ready to speak in English and able to understand,the problem comes with the Grammar...
Grammar is the Key to English...Some people are afraid to speak in English because of their poor English grammar..
             Until you start speaking in English,you won't be able to build your English grammar.. Learn grammar and try to remember the way of building sentences based on the grammar structure..

Leave Hesitation :: 

Hesitation is the main problem of many people because many of the students are afraid that their English is poor and they can't speak English,so please leave this hesitation and start speaking English..Better to communicate in English even with your friends also.. Participate in English Essay debates..

All the Best with your English Learning Process...............