How to Link Aadhaar Card UID to Voter ID- EPIC Card Seeding Online

How to Link Aadhaar Seeding with Voter Card | How to Link Aadhaar Card UID to Voter ID- EPIC Card Seeding Online

The Election Commission of in India link Voter ID Card EPIC ID with Aadhaar Card UID Seeding to weed out the fraudulent Voter Card holders from the existing Electors data. Now Candidates can link Aadhaar number with the electoral rolls by any one option of the following.

Aadhaar Seeding : How to Link Your Voter Card IEPIC ID with Aadhar card UID?

01. Online Linking (through Official Web site)
02. Mobile Linking (Via Andrid (or) IOS mobile application).
03. Linking by sending an SMS.
04. Linking via Call Center.

01. Link to aadhaar card to Voter ID Via Online Linking OTP with Official Website
Candidates can link the Voter Card number with AADHAAR number using the online portal of Election Commission via the OTP (onetime password) the given mobile number by entering EPIC ID, UID, Mobile Number.

I. Log On to Official Website of the Chief electoral Officer - official link
II. First Enter Your EPIC ID ( Voter ID Number)
III. Enter Your UID (Aadhar Card 16 digits Number)
IV. Enter Your Mobile Number for receiving OTP (one time password).

finally Click On " VALIDATE" Button

V. And Candidates Now Compare Your UID and EPIC card information, Total Details your's and click on the "SEED"  Button

VI. Now done Your voter Card link with Aadhar

This Option Now Available Some States, Other States will be available soon.

02. Mobile Linking Via Mobile applications :
Voters link using mobile app available in app store of Android App, (OR)  IOS and Windows APP 

03. Linking by Sending a SMS:
Link by Sending the Aadhar Card Number and Voter Card number SMS to 08790499899 in the following format.

SEEDEPIC (Space) (EPIC No) (Space) (Aadhaar No)
Ex: SEEDEPIC XYZ1234567 1234 5678 9810 1112
04. Linking via Call Center:
Linking via Call Center by Calling to call center 1950 between 10 AM to 5 PM and furnishing the epic number and aadhar number to the call center operator.